All About Leanne

Well, perhaps not all about me. But some, at least, about me.

I'm a computer person. I've played with them, administered them, fixed them, broken them. I'm a Unix person, really; I use Windows mostly for games and easy connectivity to the net. I've been on the net for a long, long time - though I know there are lots who've been around even longer than me. I only started in 1989, practically an infant compared to some of the people I know and know of.

I like the outdoors, so long as it's not too wild; I tend not to like slogging through swamps and thoroughly trailless forests and such. I grew up in Vermont, so perhaps liking the outdoors, especially woods and mountains, isn't very strange.

Vermont is a lovely place; if you've never been there, and get a chance to go, you should. Don't go in March, it's too depressing. Go once in early to mid September - not October, most of the leaves will be gone then. But the real seasons for visiting are winter when there's snow - not likely before mid-December, best in January and February, I think - and summer, when there is sun and green grass and green trees and thunderstorms that wash the air clean, and flowers, and everything everywhere is alive and growing.

Here is some information about my activities, hobbies, things that give me pleasure or things that I love to talk about:

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