Dragon Names

Here are some of the dragon names I have generated over the years. This is not really checked against any name lists, either for PernMUSH only or against the All the Weyrs list. If you want to make sure a name on here is not too close to a name already in use on PernMUSH, you can check on the Dragon Parents page of the Dragon Hatching Records. I also have more names that I didn't like quite so much as these, and some of them I think are a little un-canon-like names, so I will be removing them when I go through the file sometime. A -- B -- C -- D -- E -- F -- G -- H -- I -- J -- K -- L -- M -- N -- O -- P -- Q -- R -- S -- T -- U -- V -- W -- X -- Y -- Z

Baliarth Bassilth Bayorth Bazzalth Bedelth Benarth Bessonth Bevurth Birroth Bredolth Brynioth

Cadreinth Camroth Carinth Carith Carolth Caydranth Cennuth Cenolth Cerioth Chelianth Chenth (Brown) Cheselth Ciamath
Cinolth Colrath Cordath Cordenth Corduth Corinth Culdranth Culdreth

Daganth Dalbinth Dallarth Dammath Darilth Darlath Darmith Dazenth Deneth Dennenth Derolth
Deventh Doranth Dulanth


Feranth Ferreth Firroth

Gavarenth Ginarth

Heralth Herinth Honeth

Inilth Inioth Iraneth (Green) Ith

Jeruth Jevith Jevrath Jielarth Jielith

Kaleth Kalinth Kalurth Kamirth Kayelinth Kayerith Kelarth Keleth Kelirth Kelorth Kementh Kemoth
Kenith Kennioth Keselth Kevalth (Brown? Blue?) Kilarth Kimerth Kindralth Kisenth Kovinth Kyloth

Leneth Lennalth Liorenth Lioth Lissoth Loganth Lusarth Lusolth Lyrroth Lyth

Malirth (Brown? Bronze?) Malliath Marganth Maylanth Medolth Medreth Mekarth Mersorth Mersoth Mesanth Mesarth Meseth
Mesianth Messenth Mianth (Green?) Miath Milenth Milorth Mirelth (Green) Mirroth Mirsoth Mnerolth Mneventh Morelth
Morenth Mylanth

Naloth (Blue) Narolth Nelarth Nerroth Nesenth Nessonth Nevalth Nevith Nilanth Ninarth Niruth Norlanth Norruth

Parath Parinath Peddrenth Perenth Perrath Porath Porrelth

Quenth Quinarth Quoloth

Ralarth Rallinth Rasenth (Blue, Brown?) Razeth Resalth Rhodrolth (Brown?) Rhosalth Rinnenth Roluth Ronnuth Rugarth Rumalth
Rusorth Rylarth Ryluth

Salanth Seddrinth Seralth Serelath Shalerth Shamilth Shevorth Shorolth Shuvirth Sirath Sivath Sonneth
Soreth (Green) Sorrilth Sorth Sorventh Stevarth Sudreth Sunnulth Syralth Syrilth Syrreth Syrriolth

Taenth Taevarth Talath Talurth Tamenth Tamolth Tanulth (Blue, Brown) Tavorth Tavreth Tavrinth Tavurth Tebinth
Teminth Tenelth Teovanth Tesselth Tessith Tezoth Tielenth Tiemeth Tiolth Tobalth Tuelonth Tuesirth

Vanlith (Brown) Vellath Verath Verioth Vezoth Vinarth Visalth Vollenth Vorlianth

Zerelth Zinnath Zoralth

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